Load Planning

Automatically create an optimized 3D loading plan while taking into account the cargo item and cargo space properties.

BOXBOT is a cloud-based fully automatic 3D load planning software. There are no local installations and the software is always up-to-date. Most importantly the optimization is done within the cloud meaning that you don’t need to worry about any performance requirements regarding your computer.

BOXBOT Load Planning is able to create loading plans for any number, type and size of cargo space and will intelligently decide the number and types of cargo spaces required if the cargo list doesn’t fit into a single cargo space.

Import & Export

Import and export cargo lists directly from Excel files. You can also directly make last minute changes to the cargo information directly or even combine cargo data from multiple sources.

Standard Excel templates, in various units of measurement, are available to download directly from the BOXBOT web UI. Additionally custom Excel and other file importers can be added to the system if required.

Cargo Spaces

BOXBOT is able to create loading plans for any number, type and size of cargo space: Containers, Trucks and trailers, Pallets, Boxes, etc.

Cargo space definitions may also include various cargo space features and properties, such as weight limits and axles. In addition to the default cargo space collection you can define any number of new cargo spaces and store them in your own collection.


BOXBOT Load Planning automatically takes into account, enforces and optimizes the weight distribution and limits for every loading plan. The fill rate of the cargo space is maximized without compromising the transport safety.

You also greatly reduce the chances of human errors in the weight related calculations.

Step-by-Step Loading Instructions

Automatically generate step-by-step loading instruction PDF for your cargo handlers. The loading order is optimized to maximize the efficiency of you loading operations and personnel.

Loading Assistant

See BOXBOT Loading Assistant for an interactive 3D loading guidance tool.

Generate documentation

Generate visually impressive PDF documentation of the loading plan with a press of a button. You can select from a number of PDF export options to generate the documentation that best fits your needs.

The documentation generated from BOXBOT with your company logo can be shared with your clients. Also, the 3D documentation of the loading plan may be required during the transport, e.g. by custom officers.


With system integration with your existing ERP/MES/WMS system you can bring data in and out of BOXBOT system with a press of a button. BOXBOT may also be integrated with automation and robot systems.

A black-box solution of BOXBOT is also available to be integrated completely inside your existing systems.

Please contact sales for more details about integration possibilities.