Loading Assistant

BOXBOT Loading Assistant is an interactive 3D tool that guides you through the loading process one step at a time. The loading process has never been smoother and more efficient.

Once a loading plan is ready for loading, just pick up the BOXBOT Loading Assistant App to begin the loading process. The assistant will always suggest the most optimal cargo item to be loaded while making sure that there is never a need to rearrange any already loaded cargo items. Additionally you can select any cargo item from the ones that could be loaded next to give you some control and flexibility in the loading process.

Interactive 3D view

No more printed loading plans or tracking the loading process with a pen and paper. BOXBOT Loading Assistant is used on a tablet device or a fixed touch panel. You can also instantly access all other relevant information, such as the weight distribution calculation.

Depending on the type of cargo and your loading process the tablet may be mounted on a forklift or simply be a handheld device with a harness or an arm mount.


Every loading action is stored in real-time within the BOXBOT system. This means that you can have multiple people simultaneously working on the same loading job and everyone is automatically up-to-date with the current loading situation.

The loading process may also be followed from the office. This gives a real-time image to the people working in the office of what is happening in the loading area.

Last Minute Changes

There are always some errors in the cargo information and last minute changes are expected. With the BOXBOT Loading Assistant you can react to these changes on the fly.

Simply edit the cargo items directly on the Loading Assistant and BOXBOT will re-calculate a new loading plan while considering the already loaded parcels and any changes you have made.

System Integration

By integrating the BOXBOT system into your existing ERP/MES/WMS system the real-time tracking of the loading process is also available within your system.

This also allows the use of barcode or QR code labels already on the cargo items. It is also possible to add other custom functions For example, take photos of the loading situation and automatically link it to the virtual loading situation.